Last year, a kosher hotel was operated for the first time in Vietnam by the "Kosher Tourism" company, owned by Aharon Lipner from the Israeli city of Givat Shmuel. 700 people celebrated Passover there in the ornate city of Vietnam. The project was a great commercial success and praised, and this year the hotel will also be prepared for Passover. Aharon Lipner has already closed an agreement for pre-booking all hotel rooms for the upcoming Passover. It is a luxurious hotel that was inaugurated only two years ago, and the "Kosher Tourism" company pays special attention to the elegant design, and to small details that improve the feeling of vacationers, such as preparations for family photos before Seder night, etc. Two synagogues will operate in the hotel, Ashkenazi and Sephardic.

Aharon Lipner on his kosher vacations on vietnam


AHARON LIPNERThe recitation will be in the Jerusalem and Sephardi style. Because most of the customers speak English, some of the Torah classes and sermons will also be in English. "We bring to every customer the familiar atmosphere from home, to a 5 and a half star hotel" says Aharon Lipner.


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